FOW water cascade sterilizers are able to perform counter pressure sterilization through superheated water: an ideal alternative to treat solutions in heat sensitive and non-heat sensitive containers. Where the product is liable to separation or for accelerating thermal transition phases, the whole load can be rotated during the entire sterilization process.

  • Process optimization: The process is faster than the air-steam sterilization process. It is also an ideal sterilizer for <105 °C processing. Wet loads can be overcome using on automated drying extension with the installation of specific drying solutions downstream of the sterilization chamber.
  • Easy validation & integration: Thema4 process controller is pre-validated according to GAMP5 and in compliance with CFR – part 21, thus resulting in shortest qualification time and minimizing project risks. Open system architecture that can be integrated with SCADA system and other Fedegari machines.
  • Highest productivity: Fedegari R&D laboratory is ready to develop the best treatment solution for your specific needs. We run tests with different loads and requirements.

FOW superheated water sterilizer is suitable for:

    • Sterilization of parenteral solutions, liquids in sealed containers not deformable (e.g. glass vials) and liquids in heat sensitive sealed containers (e.g. plastic bags or bottles)
    • Terminal sterilization of pre-filled syringes (PFSs)
    • Design & Technical features
    • FOW superheated water sterilizer is equipped with AISI 316Ti stainless steel chamber
    • Besides the standard versions (from 830l to 14.800l), loading capacity is fully customizable according to customer needs
    • Chamber internal surface electro polished with a roughness Ra<0,4μm


One or two doors with vertical or hinged opening systems to cope with available space in the smartest possible way

  • 5 probes PT100 RTD for temperature control (2 fixed – in the filter and discharge – and 3 flexible for the load)
  • Automatic sterilization of the air filter with fixed temperature probe
  • 2 ports for validation probes
  • Fedegari exclusive patented door gaskets assure 100% tightness
  • Piping and valves in stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Patented magnetic drives remove any tightness problem deriving from seal wear, and minimizes maintenance, without requiring any lubrication


  • Easy controlled modulated heating and cooling
  • Short sterilization process
  • Faster cooling phase
  • No consumption of clean steam