High output, 1- or 2-track (CP600)

The CP600 blister machine and the P3200 cartoner are perfectly matched in terms of price and performance. For particularly economical packing of solids. The compact, space-saving line reliably achieves an output of up to 600 blisters per minute, with high machine availability (OEE). Thanks to high-precision digital servo technology, flexible conversion is also an option.


  1. High-performance in the 1-lane and 2-lane segment of the market
  2. A compact, space-saving solution
  3. Alu-alu pre-stretch station can be adjusted at the press of a button
  4. High productivity and machine availability
  5. Transfer from blister machine to cartoning machine requires no format parts (no stacking units)
  6. Simple tools, no mechanical modifications
  7. Roller and platen version available
  8. Low, predictable follow-on investments thanks to minimal requirement for format parts