Blister Machine CP500

The CP500 series deep-draw blister machines meet tomorrow’s production requirements today, in terms of quality, flexibility and efficiency. Modular design enables them to handle a previously unimaginable range of products. The three basic models – the CP500 T1, CP500 TX and CP500 RX – can easily be configured for packaging parenteral, solid and even special forms of products.

Products can be arranged at will in relation to the machine’s direction of travel. Large format blisters, alu-alu blisters or thermoformed blisters, special shapes, pocket depths up to 45 mm, multi-stage cold forming or multiple product feeds – the CP500 module always provides the right solution for safe packaging of high-quality parenterals.


  1. Full format change in less than 45 minutes
  2. Large range of sizes
  3. Dosing area can be encapsulated
  4. Processing of non-stretch lidding films
  5. Performance in reserve thanks to robust station design
  6. Sealing forces up to 160 kN (forming and sealing) for alu-alu and thermoformed blisters
  7. Copes with demanding aluminium cold-forming
  8. Waste-free cutting technology (RX and TX versions)
  9. Fast, low-cost maintenance, thanks to a minimum of mechanical moving parts