Complete Pure Turn Key

The key point of any pure water system in the pharmaceutical industry is to grant a proper and constant quality of the water at the point of use.

Pure water systems are considered as a unique entity, without the traditional separation between the “generation” and the “distribution” part. The critical point is that water must be produced with a proper quality, and also stored and distributed while maintaining said proper quality.

For this reason more and more Pharmaceutical Customers look for a reliable supplier to be a partner in the making of a complete Pure waters generation, storage and distribution package.

  • Deep and continuously updated knowledge of the latest pharmaceutical regulatory
  • Strong engineering know-how and organization, as well as modern engineering tools and software
  • Purified water, water for injection and pure steam generation equipment construction and testing capability
  • Storage and distribution loop components and piping construction and purchasing
  • On site equipment and loop components & piping installation capability, with internal installation teams and skilled yard managers
  • Experienced start up engineers
  • Capability in terms of Design, Installation & Operation Qualification, as well as a Performance Qualification support

Based on all of that, Stilmas is in the position of being a solid and reliable partner for the realization of any complete pure water pharmaceutical system, everywhere in the world.