Cup Sterilization

Brief Introduction

The sterilization unit for cup, tray and steel can  is integrated in-line upstream of the filling step on the sensitive product packaging line. The pulsed light treatment gives decontamination levels with a 3 to 4 log  reduction in the reference microorganisms. Pulsed light sterilization of cups is intended for manufacturers packaging sensitive products such as refrigerated dairy desserts with use-by dates of 50 days (neutral products) to 60 days (acid products).

Technical Specifications
  • The equipment consists of an optical unit suitable for the size of the line (number of lanes), integrated upstream of the filling unit, and an electronic cabinet located next to the line.
  • Compact, can be integrated on new lines or in retrofit on single or multi-pitch machines, on linear or rotary filling machines, with 1 to 12 lanes.
  • It is compatible with  industrial production rates, up to 60 strokes per minute.
  • The treatment can be carried out on the fly or while stationary.
  • The equipment can be integrated and housing fitted to the line (optical protection) by Claranor.
  • Claranor can carry out studies for integrating  the equipment on existing lines, in order to supply a turnkey solution (retrofit projects).
    • A wide variety of cup shapes can be treated:  preforms/form fill seal,  trays all sizes and shapes.
    • Claranor solutions are also efficient for steel can sterilization.
    • Fresh Dairy Products
    • Drinking Water
    • Sensitive Drinks
    • Still Drinks
    • Carbonated drinks
    • Other markets