DR10 – Lab differential refractometer Bx / nd / Diet


The DR-10 Easy Diet laboratory analyser is an innovative system for measuring the concentration of diet or sugar-free carbonated soft drinks. A single analyser that for concentration measurement can replace HPLC, spectrophotometry, titration and other manual systems and methods. The system is simple to use and provides accurate and consistent results without the need for a skilled operator. The analysis cycle is completely automatic and requires no sample preparation. There are no chemical reagents required or routine consumables to be replaced. While designed for the laboratory the system is rugged enough to be used at-line for fast results for samples taken directly from the line. Using this technology, it is possible as well to measure diet syrups and regular beverages.

  • Measure the concentration of diet drinks, regular drinks and diet syrups
  • High accuracy with all the beverages
  • Quick measurement (6 min. / sample)
  • Fully automatic with no sample preparation
  • No need of skilled operators
Application The instrument is a digital differential refractometer of the latest generation expressly designed for laboratory measurements in the beverage industry, where it is used for the measurement of Diet beverages
Measurement limits 0…20 RD
Accuracy  0.5% of measurement, max accuracy 0.00125 RD
Measurement scales displayed  “%STANDARD”; equivalent “Total Acidity”, obtained via linear conversion (which can be set) of the RD Refractometric Degree scale (maximum conversion factor which can be set = 1000); Brix; RD Refractometric Degree
Product temperature  5… 25 °C (41…77 °F)
Analysis time  7 minutes for a complete cycle
Quantity of analyzed sample  Product:

100 cc for each test


50 cc for each test