Versa 8120 Teorema



The Thermo Scientific Teorema checkweigher provides the new standard in high-rate can weighing by combining rugged capability and high accuracy.

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  • Ensures integrity of thermal processing (cooking retort)
  • Unique design
  • Superior performance
  • Full-length safety cover
  • Heavy duty
  • Low maintenace
  • Stainless steel construction
  • IP66 specially suited for wet environments
  • High rate reject system
  • Can stop device to allow infeed flow control of cans
  • Auto lubrication option
  • Quick-change Helix system
  • Versa controller with all its features and options
  • Filler feedback control
  • Ethernet / USB / Modbus / Serial Connectivity
  • 400 product set up


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  • Product Rate: Up to 700 cans per minute
  • Product Type: Cans 2pc, 3pc, jars, containers with flat bottom, without label, open or closed, wet or dry conditions
  • Line Speed: 2.7m/s 160m/min 530FPM
  • Weigh Range: 40g to 1.5kg
  • Can Diameter: 64 ~ 99mm (US208~314) standard. Other product sizes on request
  • Can Height: Minimum 35mm (US106) Maximum 180mm (701)
  • Accuracy: Approved for OIML MID (e≥0.5g). Accuracy; standard deviation in general < 0.5 g, depending on application.
  • Overall Dimensions: Length: depending on configuration (side to side or end to end transfer); approx. 3,500mm (137”) Width: 1,100mm (43.3”)
  • Helix: HDPE (UMHPE 1000). Helixes are dimensioned per can size. Length 900mm (35.4”)
  • Line Height: 800~1,200mm ±50mm (32~47” ±2”)
  • Electrical Supply: 230Vac/1 phase/50 hz or 220Vac/1 phase/60 hz, 2kW
  • Air Supply: 600kPa (6bar / 80psi)
  • Protection Material: IP66 stainless steel