ALUS™ Load & Unload of Lyophilizers

Since the 1980s, GEA has designed, manufactured and improved the ALUS™ system and was one of the first manufacturers to develop this technology using permanently installed systems (conveyor-pusher systems), as well as flexible transfer cart systems.

ALUS™ – efficient, safe and reliable performance

ALUS™ is designed to give the user the maximum layout flexibility. This can include: loading and unloading from one side; loading and unloading from two sides (pass through design); loading with push-pull system under isolator or RABS systems; and unloading using Transfer Cart under RABS systems. ALUS can also accommodate a wide variety of filler and capper options. ATEX option available. The latest ALUS™ equipment is up to 45% more compact than its predecessors. This compact design significantly reduces the footprint to keep building costs to a minimum and allow much easier integration in retrofit applications. The new Transfer Cart ALUS™ is controlled by the latest wireless W-LAN panel. This provides precise control of the  system without any hard-wired connection. The wireless panel is much easier to handle when operating in a cleanroom and is easier to clean than hard wired equipment. Up to ten freeze dryers can be loaded and unloaded by a single ALUS™ transfer cart system (depending on the application) so as a system grows the additional production can easily be accommodated. This is a much more flexible system than fixed push-pull equipment and much more cost effective.

MAIN Features
  • High performance, with loading speed of up to 500 vials per minute and unloading speed of up to 700 vials per minute
  • High operational safety, even for difficult vials with a diameter – height ratio of <3
  • High flexibility for different vial formats
  • Excellent integration of ALUS™ and the freeze dryer through optimum interface coordination and integration
  • Patented design allows smooth transition of vials from ALUS™ to Freeze Dryer
  • Improved safety as no moving parts above open vials
  • Design complies to zone concept: no machine drives in vial processing area
  • Frameless operation
  • High quality sterile design with excellent laminar flow properties
  • No moving parts above open vials so as to increase safety and avoid product contamination
  • Easy-to-use integrated software


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