Vacuum Filler


The rotary filler is an automatic machine suitable for vacuum filling glass and tin containers of different sizes and shapes carrying whole or diced fruit or vegetables in liquid such as oil, vinegar, brine, syrup, sauce, etc.

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  • Containment product tank with valve coated and reface ceramics with Teflon and Viton seals
  • Maintaining coil of product temperature controller by a thermoregulatory.
  • Pneumatic valve for product feeding.
  • Level probe.
  • Electric change for lifting change format.
  • Speed adjustable through inverter
  • Centralized lubrification.
  • All the structure is built in inox steel aisi 304 and aisi 316 for the parts directly in contact with the printer


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  • Range: Up to 18000 CPH [/accordion_item][/accordion]