Automatic Linear Capping Machine For T.O. Caps


The automatic linear capping machine is suitable to steam vacuum close glass containers with T.O., D.P. and P.O. types of metal caps. The machine is designed to process both glass jars and bottles with a Hmin=40 mm and Hmax=280 mm in any shape.

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  • The capping machine consists of a sturdy structure made of AISI 304, which is composed of tubes and folded sheet metal, suitable to support various types of equipment.
  • The cap closing and pick-up units are made of AISI 304 and suitable materials to resist any corrosive liquid such as vinegar and brine

The electrical panel is made of AISI 304 and contains the equipment to command and control the machine. The capping machine comes in 2 different models to better meet the market requirements. The FL-150/AOV-1 model is suitable for small and medium production and closure is implemented by the combined action of the motorized flat belt and the fixed closing pad. The conveyor belt is motorized separately by a motor reducer controlled by an inverter. The height of the upper frame is adjusted manually from the relative handwheel with the position indicator.

The FL-350/AOV-3 model is suitable for high production and the closure is implemented by the combined action of two flat motorized belts at different speeds. The drive of the flat belts and the conveyor belt are controlled by an inverter. The height of the upper frame is electrically adjusted from a worm screw reducer with an encoder to display the height of the frame. The capping machine FL-350/OAV-3 is complete with an electric extractor to draw the excess steam that accumulates inside the machine.


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  • Models : FL-150/AOV and FL-350/AOV-3
  • Range: 7200 up and 18000 CPH.