LYOVAC™ Pharma Freeze Dryer

GEA’s LYOVAC™ industrial-scale freeze dryers are built to customer specifications and are available in production area with 8–55 m² of shelf area and condenser capacities of more than 1000 kg.

The LYOVAC™ Production Freeze Dryer is the ultimate pharmaceutical lyophilizer from GEA, enabling customers to design a machine that meet their specific manufacturing requirements.

  • A choice of configurations, such as monoblock or multi-floor configurations
  • Individual drying chambers with a recooling system and skid arrangement
  • Individual shelf sizes and configurations for trays or vials
  • The prevention of sticky stoppers
  • A monitored stainless steel stoppering bellow
  • Various door options with an automatic locking mechanism, including recooling, slot doors (pizza door) and many more
  • Reciprocating and screw compressors systems as well as LN2 cooling systems
  • Automatic CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilize-in-place) systems that offer product protection and prevent contamination
  • An automatic WIT (water intrusion test) ensures venting filter integrity
  • Proven vacuum pump system technology including dry pumps
  • A 21 CFR Part 11-compliant SCADA system to control and monitor reproducible and documented processes
  • Solutions for potent products
  • In-chamber monitoring of the bellows and condenser
  • Full in-factory testing and a comprehensive validation package.
  • ControLyo® nucleation on-demand technology
  • LYOPLUS™ Process Analytical Technology