Primary Regulator

The regulators from Micro Matic Premium Series guarantee reliable performance and the stable pressure and flow conditions ensure excellent pressure setting at any time. All regulators meet technical demands in all markets.

Pressure relief valves, shut-off valves and pressure gauges meet the international requirement for optimum in-trade operation.

Regulator batteries are available for CO2 and N2/mixed gas and with various pressure combinations on request. Batteries are available for local assembly or pre-mounted.

  • Reliable high performance
  • Excellent pressure setting at any time
  • Stainless steel valve seat
  • Brass housing Zn/Ni plated
  • Integrated PRV
  • SK approval
  • Traceability – individual No.
  • High performance
  • Accurate pressure control
  • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Stainless steel valve seat
  • Zn/Ni plated brass housings
  • SK approval
  • Individually numbered for traceability
  • Adjustment screw protected by tamper evident cap
  • Tamper evident cap breaks to access adjustment screw
  • Allen key adjustment
  • Tamper evident ring for disassembly
  • High capacity CO2 flow 180 L/min peak 100 L/min continuous
  • Stable CO2 pressure from full to empty cylinder
  • Double inlet filter (200 microns / 100 microns)
  • Venting function – easy adjustment
  • Modern production facilities
  • Single product identity (number)
  • Comply with EU Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 quality control system