Lemon Juice And Oil Extractor


In the market of citrus juices, the preferences are more and more oriented to natural juices NFC. The extractor Birillatrice-Sfumatrice AZS 204, fully meets this requirement from the market, due to its working principle. Its main features are the integrity of the sacs and the absence of bitter substances and essential oil in the juice. Also the essential oil extracted by the extractor Birillatrice-Sfumatrice AZS 204 is considered the best today on the market, because its quality is similar to that of the ancient manual extraction according to the “sponge method”.



All the parts in contact with the fruit are made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Working capacity:

Up to 15500 fruit per hour.

Standard equipment:

  • Oscillating fruit hopper with 4 channels, lengths and angle of the rails adjustable group of 32 cups made of Ertacetal to gather the halves fruit. It is moved by an index drive mechanism;
  • Squeezing head with 8 rotating reamers;
  • Oil extraction equipment (Sfumatrice) made of two conjugated planes: one fixed, the other mobile.They cause continuous shortening of the halves peels, with their consequent deformation and breaking of the small oleiferous bladders. The distance between the two planes (therefore the pressure on the peels) is adjustable;
  • Water supply made of a diffuser, pipes and sprays.

Installed power:

4.5 kW