Citrus Juice Extractor


The automatic juice extractor Polycitrus ZX2 extracts the juice out of the citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes, kinnows, grapefruit) with a diametre between 25 and 140 mm, already essential oil extracted, without any previous calibration, with considerably savings in initial investments, space required and power installed. The Polycitrus Spellalbedo, besides the juice extraction like the Polycitrus ZX2, separates the albedo from the flavedo after the squeezing of the fruit. The Polycitrus juice extractors are very reliable because of their design and construction, they need low maintenance charges that guarantee them a very long



Both juice extractors ensure high yield and high quality standards since the bitterness index is very low because:

1) The essential oil has been already completely removed by the M15 or M10 Polycitrus extractor.

2) Before squeezing fruit go through a brushing machine to definitively remove any residual rest of essential oil from the peel. The brushing machine performs also an important disinfectant action by proper sprinklings of water.

3) The squeezing pressure on the fruit can be easily adjusted according to its variety, ripening and thickness of the peel, in order to get the maximum output of juice without compromising quality.


Working capacity:

It is the same as the oil extractor installed in the processing line, i.e. with the oil extractor Polycitrus M15 the working capacity is up to 20 t/h of oranges and 10 t/h of lemons.

Fruit dimensions:

Any diameter between 25mm and 140mm, no need of any sizing.


All the parts in contact with the fruit are made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Standard equipment:

– Fruit hopper

– Adjustable squeezing pressure through the rotation of a camshaft

– Tank for juice gathering

– Switch panel

Installed power:

– n. 1 electric motor 7.5 kW for the Polycitrus ZX2 version

– n. 3 electric motors, total 13 kW, for the Polycitrus Spellalbedo version

Overall Dimensions:

2.26×1.49×1.51 m Polycitrus ZX2

2.31×3.07×2.72 m Polycitrus Spellalbedo