Citrus And Tropical Fruit Juice Extractor


The Polyfruit juice extractor is the only one on the market able to process several variety of whole fruit of any size:

• pineapples (without leaves)

• passion fruit

• water melons

• guavas

• papayas

• bananas (only premium quality)

• citrus (already processed by the M6 oil extractor)

Yields are high in quantity and quality, with considerably savings of costs and space higher than any other extractor on the international market.The Polyfruit juice extractor can be configurated in several versions, each of one suits to a specific fruit variety. The configurations can be easily changed from one to the other fruit by a rapid and easy substitution of some of its components provided as a kit with the extractor. The operation needs just an operator and 15 minutes to be completed. Polyfruit juice extractors are very reliable because of their design and construction, they need low maintenance charges that guarantee them a very long lifetime.



Entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Installed power:

n. 2 electric motors, total 4.5 kW.

Standard equipment:

CIP system.

Working capacity:

– Citrus fruit up to 8 t/h

– Tropical fruit up to 4 t/h

Overall dimensions:

1.74×1.38×1.71 m

Juice outlet:

Fitting DN 85, height 0.55 m