Lab Scale Blister Leak Test Machine

VisionScan is a tool-less, non-destructive leak detection device for pharmaceutical blister packs. Using the latest camera imaging technology, it offers modern pharmaceutical manufacturers a flexible, reliable, objective and cost saving alternative to destructive blister pack test methods such as blue dye.

Visionscan is simple to operate and requires no tooling, making it ideal for high volume pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers where high levels of quality control, cost reduction and multiple product changes are required.

  • Non-destructive seal and leak detection device designed for blister packs
  • Incorporates imaging technology that will detect defects in individual blister pockets, channel leaks and weak seals equivalent to a 7μm* laser drilled pin hole
  • Tool-less device making it ideal for production lines running multiple products
  • Can test multiple packs per test cycle
  • Connectivity, has the ability to connect to an OPC Server or database
  • Rapid test time down to 10 seconds for micron holes and as low as 6 seconds for gross holes
  • Operating system can store unlimited product types
  • Simple operator use via a touch screen interface
  • Can test packs that contain tablets / capsules in multiple material / design formats
  • Objective, repeatable pack test for each product
  • Capable of storing and exporting data for audit and quality control purposes
  • Can form part of 21CFR part 11 compliant system
  • Compact and lightweight, mobile table top device with improved environmental impact
  • Active Directory and flexible reporting built-in