MP01 – Control Panel Basic receiver for beverage analyzers


The Maselli beverage analyzers must be operated either with the basic MP01 receiver or the more sophisticated MP02 one. The MP01 receiver is a color touch screen panel which communicates with the sensors by means of a RS485 digital connection: the display shows all the measured variables. The operator may use it to interact with the in line sensors managing all the functions of setting and control by means of the intuitive software: as well, the MP01 provides mA and digital outputs (Profibus on request) to exchange information with external devices. The unit may be connected to Maselli M8 data collection software in the laboratory.

  • Color touch screen panel.
  • ma and digital outputs.
  • Profibus option for connection with PLC.
  • Communication with Maselli Multilab software.
Application Display and control of qualitative parameters on process lines producing sugar-sweetened or diet carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, non-carbonated soft drinks, beer and mineral waters.
Power supplies Electric:

DC 24V10% 1A Max.

Connection box without Transformer (optional):

-Power supply according to MP03 specifications

-Terminal board connection.

Connection box with Transformer (optional):

AC 100…240V ±10% 50…60Hz 25VA

Terminal board connection.

Interfaces Analog:

2 active output channels 0…20mA or 4…20mA (470 max.) configurable in the “Max. and Min. full scale” values.

4 auxiliary input channels.


RS485 for connection to the “M8” remote control unit.

RS485 for connection to Maselli analyzers.



N° 2 configurable inputs.

N° 2 relay outputs for alarm signals with contacts of a maximum capacity of 1A/24V DC/AC.

Execution AISI 304 casing for wall or post mounting.
Function System management, data processing, operator interface, interfacing with analysis unit, interfacing with additional elements and with the process line.
Electronic section Central “CPU” unit with microprocessor with management software on Flash, updatable via PC; communication, interfaceability with analysis unit via serial RS485 protocol.Processing and indication of measurements, software menu display, diagnostics menus, error messages and operating status indicator icons on graphic backlit LCD 320×240 pix display with “LCD Saving” function and touch screen.Multi-level programming software complete with password protection for certain functions and check menu.5 language options (Italian, English, German, Spanish, French) for menu and message display.Process temperature expressed in “°C” or “°F” and pressure expressed in “kg/cm²” or “psi”.Possibility to store and call up at any time groups of parameters known as “recipes” containing production parameters.
Dimensions and weight 270 (w) x 201.5 (h) x 115.5 (d), 3.2 kg
Accessories Different fasteners for installation on the wall or piping (diameter 40 – 100 mm).