Inkjet Tablet Printing System


  • World’s fastest processing speed of maximum 500,000 tablets / hour: Large quantity is available at the supply part and high aligning performance is performed at the alignment part. The loading part employs the newly developed belt loading structure and it achieves the high speed and stable tablets loading. The system can be introduced into the production line without reducing the production capability.
  • High resolution inkjet duplex printing of maximum 600dpi: The both dye ink and pigment ink are adaptable and the multi-color printing is available. The printing image can be prepared easily.
  • Small lot with multi products: The easy cleaning structure is prepared and it is suitable to switching the products.
  • User friendly touch panel operation:
  • Printing inspection: The reference printing data can be memorized and it can inspect the position displacement and printing quality.


  • Applicable tablet: Plain tablet, Film-coated tablet, Sugar-coated tablet

    Flat tablet, round tablet, scored tablet

    Round tablet: phai 5-12mm, 2-8mm thickness

    Oblong tablet: 5-12mm width, 5-15mm length, 2-8mm thickness

  • Capability:Maximum 500,000 tablets / hour
  • Method:Inkjet printing (non-contact)

    Both simplex and duplex printing available

  • Power supply: Three phase AC200V +-10% 50/60Hz, 44kVA

    (48kVA with Deduster/Cyclone unit)

    Terminal table: M6 screws R/S/T/FG 4 terminals

  • Air supply:Pressure: 0.5MPa or more

    Consumption: Approximately 1,000 liters per minute

    Connection caliber: High coupler socket (400SH – 400PM)

  • External dimensions: W1700xH1751xD1734mm (excluding protrusions)
  • Weight: Approximately 2,000kg