Color Powdered/Granulated Medicine Inspection Equipment

The POIE-8000CA is equipped with four 8,000 pixel CMOS RGB line sensors with a resolution of 20 μm per pixel. It performs density difference feature extraction processing and line segment feature extraction processing, and can perform contamination inspection such as fine hair (φ 50 μm × 3 mm or more) and fine foreign substances (φ 100 μm or more).

This is a specification that pursues operability that reduces the burden on the operator, such as a transport mechanism that greatly reduces the time for cleaning and setup replacement, and a touch panel that can easily perform various settings and status checks.

  • Applicable Particle: Powder, Fine Granule, Granule etc., Colored
  • Inspection Throughput:20 – 200 kg / hour
  • Inspection Objects:Black or Colored Foreign Particle of over φ100μm (diameter), Black or Colored Fiber and Hair of over φ50μm×3mm (diameter).

    * Inspection accuracy depends on inspection throughput and object.

  • Transport Section: Transport belt: 1 row

    Transport Belt speed: Approx. 8 – 30m / minute (7 steps selectable)

    Inspection area: Approx. 400mm in width

    Transported particle thickness: Approx. 0.5 – 0.7mm (1 layer)

  • Camera Section: 8,000 pixel RGB CMOS sensor camera x 4 units

    Limit of resolution: 20μm

  • Lighting Section: Lighting source: 3x Line LED

    Lighting position: 2 spots at top, 1 spot at bottom

    Lamp system: Variable lighting level at 0-999 steps

    Lighting control: Auto control

    Expected lamp life: 30,000 hours

  • Power Source: Power supply: Three phase 200V ± 10%, 50/60Hz

    Power consumption: 6.5kVA or less

    Connection: Terminal fixed with 6mm-screw

  • Air Pressured: Air Pressure: 0.5Mpa or more

    Consumption: 200NL / minute or less (clean dry air)

    Coupling socket size: Quick-connect air coupler socket 40SH

  • External Dimensions: Control unit: W570 x H1838 x D710mm

    Transport unit : W1708 x H1930 x D1149mm

  • Weight: Transport unit: Approx. 1,400kg (3,086 lbs)

    Control unit: Approx. 200kg (441 lbs)

    Air-vacuuming unit: Approx. 300kg (660 lbs)

  • Environment Condition: Temperature: 17 – 28 ° C (63 – 82 ° F)

    Humidity: 30~65%

  • Vacuumed Air Exhaust: Negative pressure: -21Kpa or more

    Exhaust air emission: 14 cubic meter / minute

  • Dust collection discharge: Negative pressure: -8Kpa or more