Measuring free available chlorine levels in water using a colorimeter: Pink bottle shows the trace chlorine in the water. Clear bottle shows there is no chlorine in the water after UV Disinfection System treatment.

Salient Features

Better than traditional dechlorination methods

  • Replaces carbon filters, SBS and other bio-fouling methods
  • Small footprint solution
  • Clean, safe alternative to chemical methods
  • No special logistics for transport, storage or disposal of chemicals
  • Reduces Free Available-Chlorine (FAC) and Chloramines to undetectable levels.


Saves time and money

  • Protects RO membranes and other carbon-sensitive equipment
  • Reduces the potential for RO membrane bio-fouling


“Two-in-one” solution

  • Provides high-level disinfection at the same time
  • Soft Drink & Juice Industry
  • Mineral Water
  • Dairy
  • Brewery