Convotherm 4 Easy Touch



Bain marie are ideal machines to keep the temperature of products such as sauces, stews or garnish. You can either put pans directly on them or you may use Gastronorm containers. Thanks to the well dimensions and the separating cross bars, it may used with different GN container types depending on in each machine configuration options. 2 mm stainless AISI-304 steel top with rounded edges for easy cleaning. Laser cut and automatic welding for a perfect adjustment of sides between modules with square angle finish. Integrated AISI-304 stainless steel well with rounded edges for easy cleaning. The well can be configured to fit different Gastronorm containers of different sizes and 150 mm deep. Well dimensions: GN-2x[1/1 + 1/3].Well capacity: 44 litres. Standard equipment: 3 crossbars for Gastronorm containers support.The top is ready to have a water inlet installed to fill the well. The well can be easily emptied by extracting the overflow tube. Heating by stainless steel burner outside the well. Electronic ignition. Access tube for manual ignition. Range of temperature between 30 and 90 °C controlled by thermostat. Water-tight and protecting-support controls. High temperature protector for the chimney made of enamelled cast iron. Front access to components. According to European standards for components and panels temperature, efficiencies and combustion, and sanitary regulations (EN-60335 and EN-203) IPX5 grade water protection equipment.Maximum power: 6.5 kW – Gas .It requires an 230V – 1+N power supply.Dimensions: 800 x 930 x 290 mm.