CCF 20


The Fagor distribution trolleys range has been conceived for kitchens and catering establishments which require a temperature-maintaining trolley of outstanding quality. Every aspect of the trolley has been carefully analysed and tested to offer maximum interior temperature performance, while taking the other most important factors into account: ease of use, minimal maintenance requirements and ease of cleaning.

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  • The special design of the chamber and rack rails enables the free circulation of hot air through all the trolley, leading to the creation of a uniform airflow distribution, ensuring that food is always maintained at its right temperature.
  • Two (2) forced-air electric resistors in each cabinet body to ensure that heat is distributed trough all the unit in a perfectly even, uniform manner. Safety security mechanism in resistors in case of malfunctioning.
  • Thermostat to control and regulate the temperature at desired setpoint: from 0°to 90° C.
  • Waveless evaporation tray system to control humidity in the chamber and prevent food from drying out.
  • Up to eight (8) plates of a maximum diameter of 300 mm can be stored per level.
  • Especially designed for mainteining and serving previously prepared hot food.
  • 20 GN2/1 rack rails with 60 mm separation between rack rails.
  • Horizontal handle system for fast opening and closing of door.
  • Automatic locking mechanism in hinges: when door is in a position of less than a 90° angle it gets fully closed, thus avoiding loss of temperature and achieving energy savings.


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  • Length: 799 mm
  • Length: 799 mm
  • Depth: 808 mm
  • Height: 1640 mm
  • Weight: 119 kgs
  • Volume: 1.059 m3
  • Range: CCF 40, CCF 10