3270 Impinger Conveyorized Oven


Lincoln Impinger Conveyor Ovens are the premier continuous cook platforms for the food service industry. Using the latest advancements in air impingement technology, Impinger ovens allow for rapid heating, cooking, baking, and crisping of foods, typically done two to four times faster than conventional ovens.



FastBake Technology

  • 70” Baking Chamber
  • Stainless Steel Exterior & Interior Construction
  • Front-Facing Digital Control Panel
  • Removable Large Front Panel for Easy Access
  • Sandwich Door Standard
  • Stackable Up To Three (3) High
  • Available in Natural or LP Gas


Gas Supply Pressure Recommendations
Gas Type Supply (inlet) Pressure (mbar) Recommended Minimum Gas Pipe Size
Natural  7-14”WC (2.2 kPA / 22.4 mbar – 3.5kPa / 34.9 mbar) 2” (51 mm)
LP 11-14”WC (2.7 kPa / 27.36 mbar – 3.5 kPa / 34.9 mbar) 2” (51 mm)


General Information | 3270 Natural Gas Ovens
Burner Capacity BTU/hr (MAX) Voltage Hertz Phase Amps Gas Supply Pressure Inches, Water Column Gas Pipe Size (NPT)
Single Oven 150,000 120 60 1 14 7”-14” 1”
Double Stack 300,000 120 60 1 28 7”-14” 1¼”
Triple Stack 450,000 120 60 1 42 7”-14” 1½”



Ventilation is required for this conveyor oven. Hood specification, design and installation must meet IMC 2009/2012 Sec 5.7 and other requirements. Pizza Ovens are Light Duty Appliances for determining code compliance. If a Type I hood with Fire Suppression is required, proper interlocks of controls for the oven and the vent hood must be approved per IMC 2012 or equivelent. The vent/extraction application for this oven and overall final installation is determined by the authority having jurisdiction per NFPA-96. Carbon monoxide levels must be less than 10 ppm in the space around the oven.