Combi Ovens Electric/Gas

Convotherm 4 easyTouch®


The new aesthetic design means that Convotherm 4 is also ideal for front-of-house cooking. Our principle of “form follows function“ is reflected in a clarity of design that also sets new standards in intuitive controls and serviceability.

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  • ACS+ including perfectly harmonised extra functions:
    • Crisp&Tasty – 5 moisture-removal settings
    • BakePro – 5 levels of traditional baking
    • HumidityPro – 5 humidity settings
    • Controllable fan – 5 speed settings
  • ConvoClean+: the fully automatic cleaning system with eco, express and regular modes, including optional single dosage
  • Ethernet interface (LAN)
  • Press&Go+: automatic cooking using quick-select buttons for optimum process reliability. No need to enter information such as size, browning level or core temperature
  • Integral Press&Go feature with separate Manager and Crew modes, as the ideal solution for restaurant chains.
  • Versatile regenerating function with preselect for à la carte, plate banquet and buffet
  • Manual cooking
  • Detailed servicing information so that you find the right help quickly in the event of a fault
  • 399 cooking profiles containing up to 20 steps
  • On-screen Help with topic-based video function
  • TrayTimer management system for perfect timing from top shelf to bottom
  • Cook&Hold: automatically lowers the temperature at the end of cooking to combine cooking and holding in one process
  • Delta-T cooking / LT cooking: ultra-gentle cooking – including overnight
  • The TriColor indicator ring indicates the current operating status:
    • yellow for “in preparation”
    • red for “in progress”
    • green for “done”