Xpert™ Sideshoot X-ray Inspection System

Meet the challenge of detecting foreign objects anywhere in cans and bottles with the Thermo Scientific™ Xpert™ Sideshoot X-Ray Inspection System. This high speed, high performance horizontal x-ray beam (back to front) system provides single beam x-ray inspection for tall, upright packages and includes software specifically tailored to detect objects in all regions of cans and bottles. The system quickly identifies foreign objects and product or packaging errors for fast corrective action and is designed to use an existing conveyor to reduce cost and floor space. Meets HACCP requirements.


Xpert Sideshoot X-Ray Inspection System

  • Designed for tall-profile package inspection such as metal cans, plastic bottles, cartons and standup pouches.
  • Large horizontal beam provides improved sensitivity and more accurate results when scanning vertically-oriented containers.
  • Specific software algorithms developed for tall profile packages look for contaminants in problem areas such as package edges, bottom center and top.
  • Performs product verification inspections to estimate fill level or determine whether a package is dented or has a missing closure.
  • Engineered for high-speed can, bottle, carton and pouch lines of up to 500 packages per minute.
  • Easy to install and use — compact length fits into tight production spaces, height easily adjusts to match existing conveyor.
  • Available in straight or curtainless chicane line configurations.