Vibrating Linear Filler


The vibrating linear filler is an automatic machine that is suitable for filling glass and tin containers, at a constant weight, with whole or diced fruit or vegetables. Innovative solutions and cutting edge technology where applied when designing the vibrating filling machine so as to guarantee effective and complete filling of the containers. The main feature of the filling machine is the distributor belt that allows uniform distribution of the products that are to be filled, especially those that are oblong-shaped (such as cucumbers, beans, artichokes, etc.), on the vibrating hopper.

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  • The filling machine can fill containers of different size and shape without change parts.
  • Totally manufactured in AISI 304
  • Tank with elevator for product load
  • Vibrating shaped hopper
  • Vibrating unit for settling
  • Constant volume weight control.
  • Product recycling belt.
  • Adjustable speed by mean of variable speed motors.


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  • Range: Up to 18000 CPH [/accordion_item][/accordion]