Vial Protect Pack I

You can cover the vial with the resin bottom protector and shrink tack label to reduce the risk of breakage of the vial and contents when the vial falls.

  • By covering the vial with a resin base protector and a shrink tack label, the risk of the vial breaking and its contents dispersing when dropped can be reduced.
  • As the vial is covered from the aluminum stopper to the base protector with a shirink tack label, even if the vial breaks, the contents are prevented from dispersing.
  • By covering everything from the aluminum stopper to the base with a light-shielding film, the formulation is protected.
  • After a formulation has been drawn up, a part of the label can be peeled off and affixed to the syringe the drew up the formulation.
  • Attachment of the protector and application of the shrink tack label can be performed with a single labeler unit.