Vial / Ampule / Catridge inspection machine for liquid or Lyo

A35 LD

The small genius grows up.

A compact and integrated inspection line.

A35 LD is the latest evolution of A35 inspection machine, combining particles and fill level inspections with leak detection. All the options of A35 are available, including additional inspection units and upstream/downstream connection to other equipments.

Main Features
  • Container Diameter: Up to 32mm
  • Particles, fill level and cosmetic inspection
  • RPV Remote Parameterization & Validation
  • Manual loading/In-line connection
  • “Fail safe” reject verification system (Optional)
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance for electronic records (recipes, batches/sub- batches, audit trail)
  • Ethernet connection
  • User friendly interface
  • In-line connection to upstream and downstream equipments.
  • Leak Detection available for liquid products (High Voltage) [A35 LD]
  • Leak Detection available for freeze-dried products (Headspace Gas Analyser)
  • Product colour (Spectrometer)
  • Product opacity (Opacimeter)