Thermo Coders

The TT53cm offers excellent print quality and speed.The 12 Dot Matrix System means characters as small as 1mm can be printed. Barcodes are produced to 100% magnification. Product description, dates and logos can be applied with great accuracy.

Print speeds up to 600mm per second are achieved, depending on format size.

High speed application of
  • Prices
  • Barcodes
  • Production Codes
  • Product Descriptions
  • Dates
  • Logos
  • Real Time
  • Graphics
Patented Features
  • Removing the magazine lifts the printhead clear of the substrate.
Operator Benefits
  • The printhead is easily inspected and cleaned.
  • Printhead access via unique 'Quick change printhead cartridge'.
Customer Benefits
  • Consistent print quality.
  • Longer pinthead life.
Unique Magazine Locking Mechanism Ensures
  • Foil is properly located.
  • Foil tension is set correctly.
  • Magazine is removed and replaced accurately.