The Leak Testing Machine is used for in-line Non-Destructive Container Integrity Testing. Containers coming from the Upstream section are automatically loaded onto the Infeed and are routed towards the Testing Area. During the Leak Testing process Testing Group Mobile Top Parts are hermetically closed over the Containers; the Containers are then subjected to a suitable level of Pressure. Following Leak Testing process, the Containers are automatically unloaded from Testing Area and they are managed according to the result.

  • Tested Container: Pails, Composite Cans , 3 Pieces Cans, 2 Pieces Cans
  • Container Filling: Empty.
  • Machine Type: Linear Leak Tester
  • Testing Methods:
  • Max Speed: 25
  • Min Container Dimension: 20 x 20 x 35
  • Max Container Dimension: 50 x 320 x 500