Vapovac (Small-Scale Freeze Dryers)

The highly flexible standalone FCM 10-P freeze dryer from GEA has been designed for the production of small-scale batches and formulation/process development. Also available as a wall-mounted option, this two-chamber unit is configured to industry standards and equipped to measure in-process pressure increases. With a capacity of 10 kg and shelf space of 0.78 m², the FCM 10-P also benefits from easy-access doors and spare flanges for validation and/or additional equipment.

Main features
  • Sterilisation by VHP (VAPOVAC™) or steam depending on the availability of utilities
  • ControLyo™ controlled nucleation
  • Wireless temperature sensors
  • Toxic execution
  • ATEX (solvents) execution
  • LYOPLUS™ mass spectrometer for silicone oil detection or alternative end-point detection
  • Partial loading possible for variable batch sizes
  • Scalability between the sizes is given – 1.5m² to 4.5m²