Tunnel Pasteurizer – Cooler


The pasteurizer and/or cooler is an automatic machine that is suitable for pasteurizing and/or cooling the products that are previously packaged in containers made of glass, plastic and tin and of different size and shape. The products that mostly require this type of treatment are: tomato paste and tomato sauce, pickles in vinegar, pickles in oil, marmalade, jam, soft drinks, beer, fruit juices and all others with a pH lower than 4.5.

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  • Loading belt with steam sucking hood.
  • Transport containers by a polypropylene cloise-rib band.
  • Pasteurizing tunnel.
  • Pre-cooling and cooling tunnel.
  • Automatic thermoregulation unit.
  • Double outlet belt with aligning unit.
  • Electric fan for the drying of the containers.
  • Water filtering tanks equipped with electric pumps in each section of the machine.
  • Plant for the continuous showering of nebulized water.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame.
  • Disk temperature recorder.
  • Thermal insulation in the pasteurizing stage.


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  • Length: from 2mtrs to 30mtrs
  • Width : from 600- 6000mm
  • Height : 950mm[/accordion_item][/accordion]