Transferable Label

The contents can be completely shielded from light before use, and direct ampoule display and packaging with a single label is now possible. In addition, the use of paper for the packaging material makes it easy to open without the risk of cuts.

  • After the medication has been drawn up out of the ampoule with a syringe, a portion of the label is peeled off and applied to the syringe. Preserving the name of the medication prevents incorrect administration.
  • When medication has been coinjected into an infusion bag, peeling off a portion of the label and applying it to the bag can prevent staff from forgetting or duplicating coinjection.
  • An adhesive with re-adhesive properties is used, allowing the label to be transferred from the ampule to a syringe, medical chart and so on based on the usage history.
  • The solution does not require a significant capital expenditure and in most cases the labeling can be performed as part of the existing packaging process.