Tomato Optical Sorting

Protec’s line of tomato optical sorters meets any processing requirements of the agri-food industry: whole tomatoes, peeled tomatoes, pulps, diced and tomato for paste. The tomato optical sorters reject products unsuitable for color, or identify and eliminate defects and foreign bodies. Protec’s line for tomato processing features also sorting machines for whole tomatoes based on size and draining machines for the juice from diced products.

  • Whole tomato

    The sorters reject whole tomatoes with black, rotten or green color spots. Identify and reject foreign bodies, such as wood splinters, plastic, ears of corn or corncobs, cans, bottles, small animals.

  • Pulp, peeled and diced

    The optical sorters use a unique vision system that sorts green, yellow, orange and black tomatoes: an accurate and reliable sort for a quality-finished product. In sorting semi-processed products, Protec’s sorters suction products with semi-liquid consistency and make it easy to collect them.

  • Peeled tomato

    After peeling, the sorting is done with WT camera technology that detects with great accuracy black and green discolorations on the surface of the product and white or yellow color spots inside it.

Reasons for choosing us

Protec’s optical sorters use the latest and more reliable technology and provide assistance in every phase of the tomato processing production. They are built with heavy-duty technology and extremely accurate in sorting. Thanks to their different sizes, the sorters can be used also in extremely demanding situations, on any type of line in terms of size and quantity of product processed.

  • Fresh and whole tomato:-

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  • Peeled Tomato:-

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  • Cherry tomato:-

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  • Extruded pulp:-

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  • Dices:-

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