Standard models capacity:

  • Series FA-HRS: capacity from 50 to 4500 l/h.
  • Series BD: capacity from 100 to 24.000 l/h.



  • Design of the compressors – volumetric type in bronze with FDA approved nickel plating, to guarantee the quality of the steam/distillate.
  • Possibility to feed the unit with softened waPossibility to produce cold distillate water at 25°C or hot distilled water at 85°C.
  • No need of cooling water.
  • High energetic performances thanks to a careful design of the compressors and to an optimized configuration of the heat recovery system.
  • Highly efficient, non-condensable gases removal thanks to the hydrostatic column system downstream the still.
  • ter.
  • Distilled water produced pressurized, not requiring any pressurizing system.
  • Fast response: the distillate is produced in 10 minutes in stand-by conditions.
  • Atmospheric pressure operation: no need for pressure vessel certification.
  • Reduced and easy maintenance: thanks to a proper selection of compressor technology, low/medium rotational speed.