Surgical Suture Packaging Solution



Packaging solutions for surgical suture material

Mediseal’s solutions for the primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products base on more than 80 years of experience in this area. Our motto: making things safer, more economical and simpler. Even when packaging surgical suture materials. We offer the possibility to package those products in blisters – safe and efficient. For this, we use our approved deep-draw blister machines for large draw depths, developed to package syringes, vials, pens, auto-injectors and other medical devices. The machines will be adapted in every case to optimally match your packaging requirement.


  1. Highest product protection from (UV) light, humidity, temperature, containment, crushing, shock and vibration due to gentle product feeding system and gentle product handling within the machine
  2. Very convenient for the user thanks to easy-open feature and good grip during use
  3. Use of communication functions on the packaging due to inline printing of the products, even with smallest batches thanks to automated generation of print image (2D code)
  4. Reliable sterilization of products thanks to safe channel, securely closed gas window (camera controlled, position control) and management of sterilization test devices at the end of each batch
  5. Improved flexibility of production processes for the efficient handling of small lots by using Smart Products (storage of all production information with bar code on cartridge)
  6. Reduced material usage: medical grade paper will not be applied as continuous strip, but as label only on gas window with the required coaxial sealing
  7. Improved sealing quality and stability: no medical grade paper in between Alu layers