Smart SCADA & Data

In order to control and manage all the different systems installed on the packaging lines SEA Vision offer a Client & Server Solution that performs Smart SCADA and Data Collection functions.

The Server & Client system allows the operators to interact with the packaging machines by using the Client HMI interface that displays an overall view of the line status, parameters, machine counters, batch configuration, data collected by the systems and the respective reports.

The Client interfaces with SEA Vision Server, a modular application composed by Plug-in’s and Connector Services to manage the operations on the packaging line. SEA Vision Server can be installed on the customer’s hardware or in virtual machine environment.

Through the data collected by machine PLC’s (alarms, counters, events and audit trails) and from the vision systems installed on the packaging line, it is possible to:

  • Monitor and process the line data, in order to improve machine efficiency, productivity, and safety.
  • Collect data in real time, allowing for focused intervention on machines.
  • Reduce and improve the efficiency of manual activities carried out by operators on the line