SMART LYO™ Pharma Freeze Dryer

SMART LYO™ pharmaceutical lyophilizers are made from proven standardised modules to keep costs down and quality up. They are available in shelf sizes of 0.4 m² up to 41.2 m² with a condenser capacity of up to 800kg, suitable for most applications. Using already proven technology shortens delivery time and validation periods, and enables customers to bring their products to market more quickly. They meet the highest possible technical requirements, the strictest standards of the global licensing authorities, and comply with all the current guidelines such as GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

  • The entire system is constructed on a single-floor plant frame for fast, simple commissioning
  • The system includes: the compact chamber/condenser unit, all system modules (hydraulics, venting system, vacuum) and available options such as CIP and SIP, interfacing to ALUS™ (Automatic Load/Unload System)
  • Refrigeration unit can be installed remotely from the plant frame, on a different floor if necessary, enabling the installation to be adapted to fit the customer’s infrastructure
  • Electrical cabinet can be positioned in the freeze dryer plant or centrally in a control room
  • Frame mounting allows SMART LYO™ freeze dryers to be installed in the existing building architecture (the machinery room and the sterile area); installation and assembly is, therefore, very simple, only requiring the plant to be connected to the unit frame and the switch cabinet
  • GEA Global Service Network provides rapid worldwide access to original spare parts and a comprehensive repair service that minimizes downtime and keeps costs under control.