Site Installation

During the years, Stilmas has developed the capability of producing and installing on site full generation, storage and distribution systems.

Stilmas’ site installation organization includes:

  • a number of internal fully certified installation teams, including certified welders and site assistants
  • very experienced yard managers, with several years of experience in the Company as site supervisors in important installation everywhere in the world
  • installation tools including welding machines, bending, cutters etc. These tools are packed into dedicated 20’ workshop containers, shipped by Stilmas to the installation site
  • specific procedures, fully integrated in Stilmas Quality Management Plan, to grant the quality of the site installation in full compliance with the latest international regulatory

Thanks to all of that, Stilmas is ready to take full responsibility for the site installation of complex projects in any area of the world, being totally independent and self-sufficient, and without any special assistance from the Customer.