Shrink Tack Labeler – YOROI II Auto

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Ensuring Safety during manufacturing and for medical staff

  • Vials are placed in the protector cups, followed by the smooth winding application, adhesion and heating of the Shrink tack label. All In One process.
  • By separating the vial supply-line and protector cup, the possibility of contamination and spreading of unwanted particles to vial is prevented.
  • Effectively reducing the risk of contamination and exposure with protector resin cup.
  • The Shrink Tack Label securely seals and covers the top of the vial, ensuring adequate protection of the vial until use.

YOROI II Auto (former CP-206S)

Shrink Tack Labeler for Vial Protect Pack II

Vial Size

φ 18.0 ~ 40.5 mm

Protector Size

φ 20.0 ~ 43.5 mm *

Label Size

Length: 54 ~ 74 mm, Width: 57 ~ 77 mm

Label Material

Shrink PET film and other standard substrates


150 bpm