Semi/Fully Powder filling Machine

MOC: All contact parts in S.S.316 or Food Grade Material.

Structure & all exposed parts and structure cladded or covered with S.S.304

Speed : 85-90 BPM for 12 gms.

(Speed depend on the characteristic and flow property of the property actual can be confirm during actual trails.).

  • The machine works on Augermetric principle with Servo mechanism for lower maintenance and precise and noise free filling.
  • No Bottle – No Fill mechanism – To avoid spillage /wastage of powder in absence of bottle below the filling head.
  • PLC controlled panel with touch screen for precise setting for filling and controlled.

    PLC & HMI (Make Delta HMI 10.4” colour).

  • Acrylic covers are provided with SS panel for dust free operations.
  • High productivity because of fast and reliable synchronization between filling and pneumatic indexing systems.
  • Weight variation: Less than +/- 1.0% subject to the powder nature, fill weight & speed.
  • Minimum change parts, hence quick changeover.
  • The Pneumatic indexing mechanism for bottles ensure that there is no wastage of powder at the time of filling.
  • No Spillage of powder; Dripping of the powder can be controlled after filling, hence avoiding powder spillage on bottle outer diameter.
  • High Operational comfort – Since all parts are easily accessible and Hence controls are easy.
  • Long Life- Electrical panel is separate from machine, so no dusting in electrical panel, and robust design, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and better material of construction ensures long life.
  • Motorized elevating assembly to adjust the height of filling head when there is change in height of bottles.
  • Easy availability of spares
  • Powder distribution pipe is provided along with machine
  • A/c variable speed drive is provided to adjust the speed of the conveyor which avoids falling of bottles.


  • Low Air Pressure Indication.
  • Infeed no Bottle Indication.
  • No Bottle No Fill Indication each head.
  • Out Feed Bottle jammed Indication.