MOC : All contact parts SS 316 or food grade material and non-contact part of SS 304 or MS cladded with SS304

  • Machine Structure of S.S 304.
  • Single Dispensing unit for dispensing Sticker Labels
  • S.S Slat Chain or Endless Belt Based Conveying system to convey the product.
  • Delta Make A.C frequency variable drive for variable speed with constant torque.
  • Motor / Gearbox of Bonfigloli.
  • Individual Separator Unit with Individual Motor and Drive for Separating and smooth running of Bottles on the Conveyor.
  • Stepper Motor Based Dispensing Unit for Dispensing Sticker Labels.
  • Wrapping Device with Wrapping Guide for Proper Wrapping of Labels on Bottles.
  • Fiber Optic based Product Sensor to sense the product.
  • Fiber Optic based Label Gap sensor to sense the gap between two labels.
  • Label Roll Holding Disc: 305 mm OD / 76 mm ID
  • PLC Based operating system for easy operating of Machine.
  • Speed of the Machine: 120 Bottles per Minute (Depending up on the Product Sizes and Labels Sizes)