Secondary Packaging of Bags

Our repackaging plants are considered the ideal supplement to our Form Fill Seal systems.

On the Form Fill Seal system, one process line and one film is used to manufacture, Fill and Seal infusion bags. On the integrated repackaging plant, the finished infusion bags are then enveloped in a protective film without any further intermediate steps – thus rendering them completely safe against external contamination.

Of course, the repackaging plant can also be integrated as an independent unit into existing production processes.

  • Capacity: Up to 2,500 bags/h
  • Material: Multi-layer film material
  • Formats: 100 ml – 5,000 ml
  • Manufacture: Linear

  • Outer bagging with evacuation and nitrogen gassing
  • Addition of O2 absorbers and O2 indicators
  • Used of prefabricated bags possible
  • Use of single or double-wrapped flat film
  • Use of pre-treated, laminated films such as aluminium