Sachets / Pouches/ Bags Leak Test Machine

PakScan identifies leaks as small as 10µm in sachets, pouches, bags and MAP containing pharmaceutical and medical devices:

It pinpoints micro holes and weak seals in:

  • Non-porous single cavity packs such as sachets, pouches, bags and MAPs etc in flexible materials such as PVC, PVDC, Alu/Alu and Aclar
  • Packs which contain dry powder or a solid component with a head space inside the packs.
  • Simultaneously tests up to 4 packs measuring up to 275mm x 90mm x 50mm each. PakScan can also be customised for larger packs.

  • Non-destructive seal integrity and leak detection device that uses force decay technology to detect weak seals and holes down to 10µm
  • Can test up to 4 packs simultaneously as standard (5 & 6 pack options available)
  • Capable of handling dry, non-porous packages up to 275mm x 90mm x 50mm
  • User defined password protection ensuring mutliple operator use
  • Easily validated system
  • Repeatable test with objective pass/fail results
  • Test results can beprinted, export4ed via USB (2x) or integrated into local quality control system via Ethernet cable
  • Active Directory and OPC connectivity availbale on request