Rotary Table Feeder


Rotary table for separating and feeding of empty cans

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  • Rotary table with stainless steel frame and FI asynchron motor and continuosly variable speed
  • Stainless steel, low-maintenance construction
  • Speed control for rotary table and can conveyor
  • Energy-saving, FI optimized asynchron motor with 0.55 kW, 120 Hz and 47 Nm output torque with PROFINET connection to main control [/accordion_item][/accordion]

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  • Container: Tin or composite cans, Plastic or glass jars
  • Lid: Tin, composite, aluminium, plastic (screw/plug-in lid)
  • Bottom: Tin, composite, aluminium
  • Can-inner-Ø: 50 mm – 153 mm
  • Can height: All
  • Power requirement: 0.55 kW   [/accordion_item][/accordion]