Designed with two separate channels allow using different rinse media, E.g. Disinfection and sterile water to clean each container without the nozzles penetrating the bottles.

Bottles are transferred by a star wheel to the gripper heads of the Rinser which guides the bottles on top of the rinse nozzles. The end of the rinse cycle curve is designed to assure removing last drips. Grippers and guides are permanently lubricated by water and close coupled with a transfer wheel to transfer bottles to the filling station. Cyclone formed Rinse barrels inside to assure rinse media coverage all shoulder edge.

Rinse time is fix and depends on the actual filler speed. Motorized height adjustment is an available option on the rinser. The roughing filter(s) can be cleaned and check frequently during production assuming the “roughing filter” is a strainer basket to catch large objects in the drip pan. Pump filter(s) and hosing locations are easily accessible by the operator. Format change over is tool free. Bottle height adjustment is accomplished by adjusting a central positioned hand wheel.