Shrink Sleeving Machine



The Automatic Applicator SLEEVEPRO line integrates a range of models to apply sleeves on any container shape. Ideal for full body, partial body or combined decoration configuration. Robust, reliable and quick changeovers from one format to another.

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  • Bullet technology
  • Perforation systems to remove the entire or a portion of the sleeve in order to open the package or use the product.
  • The clapping device is used instead of the standard whip systems on the applicator used to position the sleeve all the way down to the conveyor.
  • The Pressing Device is used in conjunction with a preheat device to lock a sleeve into place so it does not slide up the container when package enters the tunnel.
  • The sensor will detect whether a label is present or not. If the label is not present, a pneumatic cylinder will knock the container off the conveyor onto an accumulation table.
  • The Stand‐Alone Unwind Stand allows the operator to stage a second roll of material and splice the material easily on the splicing table provided.
  • Film end detection and low film detection.


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  • Sleevepro 150 – upto 150 BPM
  • Sleevepro 300 – upto 300 BPM
  • Sleevepro 400 – upto 400 BPM
  • Sleevepro 600 – upto 600 BPM
  • Sleevepro800 –upto 800 BPM