POWERx High Power X-Ray Inspection

The POWERx High Power X-Ray Inspection System Features:

  • Vertical beams for flat packages (C models) and horizontal beams (S and D models) for cans and jars
  • Patented dual beams/detectors for glass in glass detection
  • State-of-the-art X-ray design and image analysis software to optimize sensitivity and probability of detection
  • Optional software modules for contaminant simulation, pharmaceutical regulation compliance and mass measurement
  • Standard remote access feature to allow certified Thermo Scientific technicians to connect to your POWERx and optimize performance at any time
Software Options
  • Virtual Contaminant Simulation: Assists in optimizing the probability of detection by simulating contaminant detection in stored images
  • Checkweighing Feature (C models only): Mass estimation by correlation of X-ray density to weight
Hardware Options
  • Customized radiation shielding and conveyors (S and D models)
  • Product alignment rails (C models)
  • Reject devices and bins, audible alarms and beacons
  • Metal and glass test spheres
  • UL or CSA safety certification
  • Radiation survey meter
  • Spare parts kit