Planetary Mixers – SP 200a Planetary Mixer 20 ltr



Spar Mixers is proud to announce our product line of heavy-duty planetary mixers. Standard on Spar heavy duty mixers are micro switches which automatically shut the mixer down when the guard is slid open or the bowl lowered. This protects operators from injury and owners from liability. All Spar heavy duty mixers have thermal overload protection, which immediately shuts off the motor in an overload situation before costly damage can occur to the motor or transmission components. Spar heavy duty dough mixers are coated with long-lasting, chip-resistant, toxin-free paint enamel.

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Bowls and Agitators

Standard equipment includes a 20Qt. (19Litres) high quality stainless steel bowl, dough hook, flat beater, and whip. A sturdy hand lever on the body column raises and lowers the bowl as well as locking in place at the top and bottom positions.


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SP-200a Planetary Mixer 20ltr

  • Model SP-200A ( 20- Ltr )
  • Model SP-200
  • Motor
  • Spar Mixers: separate start and emergency stop buttons so operators can shut down the mixer immediately in an emergency situation, and thermal overload protection
  • Cord and Plug
  • Transmission
  • Planetary gears are driven by direct linkage to the motor drive shaft. This design yields high-torque mixing power.
  • Speeds:
    • (Agitator rpm), (Hub rpm’s)
    • 1. Low Speed 106, 59
    • 2. Intermediate Speed 196, 110
    • 3. High Speed 358, 201
  • Size:
    • Depth x Width x Height
    • 53cm x 52cm x 87cm
  • Range: 5, 8,10,25,40