PFS with Denester and Renester

K15 DR
Zero Contact, 100% Performances
  • Inspect system: Automatic
  • Container type: Syringes
  • Product to be Inspected: Waterlike & Suspensions
  • Speed:24.000 – 36.000

Container type:

K15 DR “Zero Contact, 100% Performances”

In response to the market trends, Brevetti CEA proudly presents the new K15 DR machine, an Integrated Inspection Solution for Prefilled Syringes.

The entire Brevetti K15 DR solution is conceived to grant a smooth mechanical handling during the whole process, preventing any possible friction between syringes and machine components.

The machine operates at the great speed of 600 pieces per minute with both GLASS and PLASTIC syringes filled with any type of liquid, viscous and gel products.

The K15 DR integrated inspection solution flawlessly grants the full automatic tub & nest cycle: de-nesting, inspection and re-nesting activities are now performed by one unique, compact and reliable machine.

The upgraded sophisticated no-contact handling system totally eliminates the presence of worm screws from the design to assure a real NO friction concept, ideal also for plastic syringes.

Syringes are always picked one by one, to avoid any possible contact between them.

The gentle handling strategically prevents the generation of bubbles.

After inspection possible gaps due to rejected containers are automatically filled and only completely full nests are addressed to the outfeed channel.

Main features
  • Container Diameter: Up to 14.45mm
  • Particles, fill level and cosmetic inspection
  • RPV Remote Parameterization & Validation
  • Manual loading/In-line connection
  • “Fail safe” reject verification system (Optional)
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance for electronic records (recipes, batches/sub- batches, audit trail)
  • Ethernet connection
  • User friendly interface
  • In-line connection to upstream and downstream equipments.
  • Leak Detection available for liquid products (High Voltage)
  • Needle shield inspection with High Voltage
  • Product colour (Spectrometer)
  • Product opacity (Opacimeter)